Friday, October 29, 2010

VFF10 Shorts Program ~ Documentary Short Subjects

Nonfiction film is an art in itself. Trying to find a common thread to program a documentary showcase around is also an art. The Valley Film Festival took an unorthodox artistic approach and programmed four very different films that have absolutely nothing in common, other than being kick ass and entertaining.

Renee Sotile and Mary Jo Godges, co-directors of ASTRONAUT PAM: COUNTDOWN TO COMMANDER love space! This talented directing duo was last seen at VFF06 with CHRISTA McAULIFFE, REACH FOR THE STARS and we're glad they're back! This was one of the first films we screened, possibly back in May or June, and everyone sat fixed like school children as Commander Pam took us on a journey to the International Space Station. Not only is the footage from outer space amazing, but the crew had a lot of fun on their journey, making us wish we were on the Space Shuttle Discovery too!

FOUND: NOTHING MISSING is an experimental documentary that uses missing pet posters to explore the larger meaning of loss. This short film by Patricia McInroy is only three minutes long, but we guarantee that you will never look at a missing pet poster the same way ever again. 

We had to have some rock 'n roll in the festival and found it in the form of THE MAKING OF: THE NUKES an all-teenage local band and fan favorite at The Roxy, Viper Room, and Troubadour. Journey with Hunter, Dimitri, Gracie, Kody, and Emilio from their auditions to their latest release! These talented teens will be at The Valley Film Festival and are surely going places. 

Our final short subject documentary comes to us from Poland and is true cinéma vérité, PYTANIE (The Question). Jan Wilkiewicz & Jacek Kiejko, co-directors, stopped people on the street to ask them a single question. This fleeting moment captured by their camera shed a faint light on each individual's intimate relationship with their world, highlighting priorities and the matters closest to their hearts.

The Documentary shorts program screens on Saturday, November 13, 12:30pm, at CAP Theatre in Sherman Oaks. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here.

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