Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Haunting of VFF Filmmaker Ron Rogge

Ron Rogge first came to VFF in 2007 with the short film, The Haunting of Seaside, returned in 2009 with Bricks & Ashes, and will be screening Monster's Lament at VFF10. Over the years, Ron has introduced other filmmakers and supporters to The Valley Film Festival, and today we wanted to share the love.

In addition to being a filmmaker, Ron is a working actor with an impressive 91 titles to his credit, but we're not here to blog about his cinema skills. We're here to pimp Ron out as the proprietor of Old Town Haunt, a haunted attraction in Pasadena that consistently gets rave reviews and kudos for reinventing itself with ghouls, effects, mazes, and other bad-ass scary things.

Spooky Little Girl just referred to Old Town Haunt as " of the very best haunts in southern California..." and we think she's right! So, before you head out to The Valley to see Monster's Lament at VFF10, head on out to Pasadena to let Ron Rogge haunt you! 

Hauntings take place now through the end of October in Pasadena, but continue all year on Twitter and Facebook.

Old Town Haunt
20 North Raymond (@ Colorado Blvd.)
Pasadena, CA 91103

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