Sunday, October 3, 2010

Countdown to VFF10...T-Minus 39 Days

In the last 48 hours, The Valley Film Festival has:
  • Added film profiles to the VFF website.
  • Realized that we don't have RED as an option under formats in the film profile, or DISTRIBUTOR as an option in the filmmaker profile. But somehow managed to get our programmer to add a Twitter handle option before being instructed to email one big list of updates for the website vs. the individual, annoying emails we sent this weekend.
  • Remembered that we bought an expo pass to BlogWorld Expo in Vegas for OCT 15 & 16 & quickly started planning our weekend escape.
  • Met with one of our two publicists, who is really excited with the programming this year.
  • Tried to log into our account to set up ticket sales & couldn't.
  • Worked on updating the VFF YouTube channel & then reached out to Ester Brym, director of VFF10's Butterflies, for help seeing as she's the resident YouTube expert.
  • Had an exhausting email exchange with all of the techs working VFF10 & everything is going to look fabulous!
  • Remembered that we bought a booth at the Sherman Oaks Street Fair for OCT 17 just before booking our Vegas hotel rooms. Weekend escape foiled, but we're all looking forward to going post-festival to relax.
  • After remembering said street fair commitment, contacted our friends at Dances With Films to borrow street fair stuff (canopy, table, chairs...y'know, the basics).
  • Said adieu to our Facebook "Group" and started a "Page".
  • Informed the VFF10 filmmakers of our schedule, addressed tech issues, and hopefully answered some FAQ's. 
What did you do in the last 48 hours? We want to know!


will said...

let's see, in the last 48 hours i co-ran a giant LEGO display at the Fox 50 Family Fun Fest, petted an alligator, saw a 30 pound rabbit, raised my fist in anger, lowered my voice in love, and funded a revolution in a small third world country.

The Valley Film Festival said...

I think you're our only reader :-)

will said...

eh, you could do worse.