Monday, October 11, 2010

Blogger Prom 2010

VFF got to play with the cool kids. And by VFF, I mean me. There are several of us who maintain the VFF blog, Tweet, update the Facebook page, etc, but, let's be honest, I do it most often. (Right, James? :-) ) That, coupled with knowing a member of the Blogger Prom Committee, Happy Go Marni, got me an invite to Blogger Prom 2010! YES!

I'm a few weeks late in giving Blogger Prom 2010 a shout-out, but I wanted to be sure I did so that the committee, sponsors, and attendees knew how much fun I had, and how much I appreciated being included in this community.

The theme was Hollywood Confidential (just my 1940's style), was generously hosted by
Yamashiro in the Hollywood Hills, and benefited Operation Frontline, a national organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger. 

Photo: Heather Kincaid
The accoutrements made this fete different from others...a giant Tweetdeck display (powered by Verizon) served as the official Blogger Prom stream. From there, you could read all the @ mentions and find out if you won one of several amazing prizes. Sex Cheese (or was it Cheese Sex?) from The Cheese Impresario was all the rage -- an orgasmic blend of cheddar cheese and peanut brittle. Who knew?! The Dalmore (scotch) tastings, CoolHaus ice cream (love you guys!) and Chef Brock's wasabi guacamole, were just a few of the many exquisite eats I enjoyed while conversing with fellow bloggers. WOW!

My parting gift was a vintage-inspired, Micky Mouse swag bag overflowing with love: coupons for free or discounted treats from 7-Eleven, Border Grill, Hugo's, Lovin' Scoopful ice-cream, Manila Machine, Oroweat Sandwich Thins, and Pinkberry. American Cinematheque and The Grammy Museum provided free admission tickets. Also included were product samples from Degree (body mist & deodorant), dermalogica (including a gift certificate for a skin treatment), MetroMint, O.N.E. Cocount Water, Pinky Vodka, proactiv oil blotter sheets, UNITE shampoo & conditioner, and World Market Chili & Lime chocolate. The enchantment of the evening will linger as I redeem each coupon and gift certificate.

One of the very best features of the evening was the presence of
Y Drive LA, a designated driver service that drives you home in your very own car. Y Drive LA drivers pack their no leak scooter in your trunk, so they can return to base camp, after getting you home safe & sound. I'm usually the designated driver in my crowd, but I can tell you a lot of people leave home without a DD or plan in place. Now I can share Y Drive LA with them! Unfortunately, I didn't test out their service, because I thought ahead and took a cab to Blogger Prom 2010!

The Valley Film Festival blog got its first post back in August 2007, and then I forgot about it. Literally, I forgot VFF had a blog for two long years. There that post sat, all alone, until I rediscovered & resurrected it in 2009. While I'm far from being The Liquid Muse, Confessions of a Fat Girl, Caroline On Crack, or Happy Go Marni, I am obsessed with checking Google Analytics at the stroke of midnight (no joke), inspired by reading other blogs, and am constantly looking for tools and connections to learn more. Thanks to Blogger Prom 2010, I've got a few more tricks (& friends) tucked in my vintage glove.

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Anonymous said...

I loved hanging out with u at the prom! Thx 4 the shout-out (u give me 2 much credit)!