Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Independent Film Coolness: The Spirit

For me, one of the greatest things about independent film is its spirit of expression.  This spirit can have various origins, whether it’s a need to say something new, to rework something old, to serve a niche audience, to experiment with filmmaking techniques, or to break into--or away from--the mainstream film business.

Whatever the motivations, this spirit can mean struggling, sacrificing, and possibly failing publicly.  As a consumer of independent film, I admire such daring and commitment.  Even when films sometimes don’t turn out so well, I appreciate the efforts of those who work outside the box.  There are many great things about indie cinema that I’ll discuss in upcoming posts, but I wanted to start here.


This post is part of a series in which I talk about independent film in a more detailed, wide-ranging, and personal way than I usually do here.  And it’s a chance to hear from you.  Feel free to post a comment anytime or let me know if you’d like to write a post.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

2013 Call for Entries – For Now, Only $25

It’s still pretty cheap to submit your film to us for VFF13.  For the rest of March, the per-film submission fee is just $25.  Then it gradually increases until the final deadline in mid-July:

Until March 31 -- $25 per film (US)
April 1 - May 18 -- $50
May 19 - June 30 -- $75
July 1 - July 15 -- $100

We are seeking quality short- and feature-length films of all kinds—narrative / fiction, documentaries, animation, music videos—that were produced independently anywhere in the world.  The films or filmmakers may have some connection to the San Fernando Valley area, but this is not required. 

The tentative festival dates are November 6-10, 2013 at a San Fernando Valley venue to be announced later this year.  Last year, we were at the Laemmle NoHo 7.  For more information, visit our website or Facebook page.