Monday, October 25, 2010

Countdown to VFF10...T-Minus 17 Days

A Totally Stressed Out Tracey!
We're a little over two weeks out to opening night and our carefully thought out, well laid plans seem to be falling apart. OK, maybe we're exaggerating. 

And, maybe we're not. 

Fortunately this isn't brain surgery and not a matter of life or death. But, making sure all of our "t's" are crossed and "i's" dotted is our job and we do take it very seriously. We not only want to make sure that our audience has a great time, and that our filmmakers can enjoy themselves, but we also try to make sure that all of our material is flawless for our engineers. And wouldn't you know it,  a monkey wrench was thrown into one aspect we worked so hard to control and manage and get done right and on time. We did allow some elbow room for the unknown, so if this hiccup pushes us back a day or two, we'll come out of it swimmingly. However, as it affects 2/3's of our titles, we're hoping it doesn't balloon into a larger issue leaving us to race against the clock. 

At this time, we'd like to send a special shout out to our 2010 filmmakers for being so gracious and patient with us. We're playing around with technology this year and trying out new things, so their understanding and help has been appreciated.  

In the coming days we'll be profiling some of these fabulous filmmakers, so please share our blog and come support them at The 10th Annual Valley Film Festival

P.S. Send good vibes our way!

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