Saturday, October 30, 2010

VFF10 Shorts Program ~ Comedy

The 10th Annual Valley Film Festival is pleased to present a diverse program of comedic short films. From a group of children who finally get revenge on a mean, old lady to a wannabe French rapper who stumbles onto something big, from imaginary friends to confessions from best friends, these films are short in length but big on laughs. 

Alex Berger directs three long-time friends who confess their hidden lives around a BBQ.

Wannabe rapper, Henri, meets record producer Bobby Rock, and is finally on the road to success. Or is he? In the style of Guy Ritchie, French director Sebastien Rossi keeps us entertained with a metal band, small time thugs, and a killer soundtrack in BIG H STORY. Featuring Francis Lalanne as Bobby Rock.  
A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A PINT is a three-minute journey on, well, a day in the life of a pint of beer. Directed by Robbie Walsh of Ireland.

An underworld poker games gets an unexpected visitor (and player) when JESUS COMES TO TOWN. Kamal Iskendar directs an all-star cast: Claudia Christian, Buddy Daniels, Steve Eastin, and Alex Veadov.

Filmmaker Norman Lesperance wanted to know what if everything from Quentin Tarantino's movies was inspired by his own life? KILLING TARANTINO is Reservoir Dogs meets Pulp Fiction.

In the dark comedy, LYING NEXT TO LARRY, quadriplegic Larry tries to adjust the attitude of his hospital mate by detailing the daily events taking place outside. Justin Franklin directs.

When Captain Kilotan feels he's losing his job as an imaginary friend to twenty-something Fernando, he takes it upon himself to establish a guide to win him back in MANUAL PRACTICO DEL AMIGO IMAGINARIO (A Practical Guide for Imaginary Friends). Directed by Ciro Altabás from Spain.

VFF alumnus Ron Roggé ('07, The Haunting of Seaside & '09, Bricks & Ashes) directs The Closet Singer (Tom Kiesche) in MONSTER'S LAMENT and proves that not only can Frankenstein sing, but he has a heart and a sense of humor too. See more of Tom at

PORQUE HAY COSA QUE NUNCA SE OLVIDAN (Because There are Things You Never Forget) just received the Guinness Book of World Records award for most screened short film. Set in 1950's Italy and directed by Lucas Figueroa, this dark comedy follows the adventures of four school children playing with a soccer ball and their interaction with one very evil old lady!

After discovering his entire class deserted, an enraged professor finally musters up enough confidence to speak his mind in ROLE PLAY, directed by Rob Shearer.

The Comedy shorts program screens on Saturday, November 13, 9:00pm, at CAP Theatre in Sherman Oaks. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here.

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