Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An Evening of Comedy Shorts at The 2010 Valley Film Festival

It was standing room only at the Saturday screening, with a bunch of comedy shorts together showing a range of sensibilities. We saw a great parody of Quentin Tarantino and his characters in Pulp Fiction. We saw some kids getting even with a mean old lady who killed their soccer ball. We saw a very jaded Jesus playing poker. And a professor telling his students (in his mind) what he really thinks of them.

Another creative one was Manual Practico del Amigo Imaginario (A Practical Guide for Imaginary Friends). Ever wonder where your imaginary childhood friends went after you got too old for them? Turns out they’re still out there, looking for work and support from each other. One of them has actually retained his human friend into adulthood, and has become a motivational speaker for the other out-of-work imaginary friends. But then the young man develops a love interest, and the old relationship is in trouble.

And there was the film that turned out to be the festival’s Audience Award winner, Alex Berger’s BBQ. Guys, be careful when you’re hanging around, grillin’ and chillin’ with other guys. Somebody might confess to something they’ll later regret, or that inspires the other guys to go further over the top.

By James Latham

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