Friday, November 5, 2010

Countdown to VFF10...T-Minus 6 Days (An Early Round of Thank Yous)

The inaugural Valley Indie Film Expo launches in 6 days, and in one week VFF kicks off an intense 3-days of film screenings...welcome to The 10th Annual Valley Film Festival.

Earlier this week, I didn't think the VFF10 Team would have a moment to breathe until Sunday, November 14 at 11:59pm, yet somehow a calm found its way into our schedule, giving us a much needed rest today. Of course, this was after getting our material to the printer, scheduling another round of press releases, posting another call for volunteers, chasing down differently formatted films, hanging with the editors assembling our reel, following up with our 2010 judges, and, and....maybe I should call it the calm before the storm.

As I sat in the editing room this evening with 3 of the many editors assembling the festival, I felt very fortunate to have this great crew behind VFF10. And, as I was able to exhale a little later, I was overcome with guilt for not showering my entire fabulous team with kudos for their hard work and extra efforts. So, this blog post is dedicated to the talented and tenacious team who is working overtime right now to make sure that the 10th Annual Valley Film Festival goes off without a hitch in 6 days.

Jeff & Chris ~ You guys are doing an awesome job coordinating between FotoKem and Video Symphony and managing the editors. I saw first hand tonight that everything was under control. Psst, Mark, they're making your job as projectionist really easy this year.

Sahag ~
We'll miss not having you at the actual festival this year, but you followed through on your job as Talent Coordinator, and I'm sure Aaron will do a kick ass job filling your shoes this coming weekend.

Marie ~
I'm anxious to see this semi-secret surprise trailer you're putting together. I know I got to sneak a peek earlier, but I can't wait to see the entire thing. Your talent never ceases to amaze me and I'm constantly inspired by your work.

Ivan ~ Thanks for letting me bark orders at you the last few weeks. I still find it funny that when I said French New Wave, you came back with 80's New Wave designs, however, you've more than made up for it with the super 60's cool artwork. You totally got to the heart of what I envisioned this year.

Hillary ~ Thank you for returning for a third year to coordinate our volunteers. We need an army of them, and you do a great job at gathering and schooling them in all things VFF.

AJ & Maria ~
A billion thanks for taking the time to support VFF with your PR prowess. I understand that you two have such hectic jobs/lives and am humbled that you do this for me year after year.

Paul W. ~ You've been picking up my slack all month. Where would I (or the filmmakers) be without you chasing a task down to get it completed and off the "to-do" list. You rock!

Paul H. ~
You & Ilja (and Ivan too) have been with VFF since 2001 and I'm so grateful for you being there to hear me bitch...ABOUT EVERYTHING. And, yes, next year you can have your old job back ;-)

Ilja ~ Look at the magic you created for VFF! The website is beautiful, functional (with a few kinks) and really, really easy for me to update. I know you get paid $100+/hour for this work and truly appreciate the gift.

FotoKem & Video Symphony ~
You guys came through in our darkest hour. Thank you for the doing the job and assigning VFF your very best. A special TY to Kate at VS for always being super cool and accommodating.

That concludes my first round of cheers for the VFF10 Team. I'm sure I left off many, many people...eeks, I did...the screening group, judges, hosts. Oh, my! I'll shower them with love later on.