Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Countdown to VFF10...T-Minus 72 Days

Eye Candy for Filmmakers!
Since Friday night (AKA, T-Minus 76 Days) we've been on a VFF10 high!

On Friday, we watched short films for a 2nd (and, in some cases, a 3rd) time, made sure we were up to date with our #FF on Twitter, and started kicking around themes for this year. More on themes later.

Saturday included a marathon of feature films - four 60-minute documentaries, two 90+ minute narrative features, and two 30-minute short films that were submitted as features. Oy. At the same time, we had someone on Twitter, another pimping out Video Symphony on our blog, briefly discussed our 3D panel idea, and got our monthly newsletter over to the editor.

Y'know, we assign a tracking number to films for a reason. One of the reasons being is when we start weeding through films, we reference the screening notes. On Sunday, we found a handful of screening notes without any reference number, and we also found a submission that had notes, but no tracking #. Oops! We spent our afternoon double-checking tracking numbers!

Yesterday was productive! We got our newsletter out - the first in two months - pimped out Video Symphony's Pizza & Post on Twitter, had a three-hour short film screening session (it was the night of 20+ minute films) and received three packages of 3D glasses! 

Today we're taking a break. Sort of. We reached out to three VFF alumni to interview for the blog, immediately heard  back from two, and are hoping to have a filmmaker profile up right after Labor Day. If there's a filmmaker you want us to profile, let us know.

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