Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Valley Film Festival Indie Film Expo

EVS at VFF08's Local Vendors Day
When The Valley Film Festival was founded 10 years ago, a few of our goals included incorporating a film expo into the festival, along with a script contest, location services, a music component, etc. Aah, those were the idealistic, carefree days. Once the reality of producing the festival hit us, the accoutrements took a back seat.

Why launch a film expo when our fabulous supporter CineGear does it so well? Our friends at Shriek Fest had a handle on screenplay competitions, FilmLA is doing a great job providing location & permitting services, and Hear NoHo kicks ass with its monthly music festivals, so there was no need for us to venture into the unknown. 

That is, until now.

We are very excited to report that VFF is breaking ground and incorporating a mini film expo, focusing on local companies, into the 10th Annual Valley Film Festival. We sort of debuted this feature back in 2008 with our Local Vendors Day which included EVS, FotoKem, Sammy Sound, and Video Symphony.  In 2009, EVS and Video Symphony were joined by Electric Picture Solutions, FilmLook and Monkeyland Audio. The key word is "mini" as we'll have to limit participants to 10 or less, due to our space constraints.  The planning is still in its infancy, but we hope to officially announce the participants by October 1.  

If your company would like to get involved, contact Marci at: marci @ valleyfilmfest dot com 

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