Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Countdown to VFF10...T-Minus 86 Days

Yikes! How did it get to be T-Minus 86 days?

Anyway, we're taking a break from watching submissions (and one very active hummingbird on our patio who has been keeping us entertained for the last ten minutes) to admit we judged a book (or a film, in our case) by its cover.

This particular submission was such a mess. First, it arrived without an application. Once we did get the application, it was illegible. Next, the director informed us that there was a short film, made in conjunction with the submitted film, that must be screened with it at the festival. It was just one thing after another, so we pushed the film to the bottom of the pile.

Now that our call-for-entries has closed, we're reaching the end of the submissions, and finally discovering films that were put off to the very end.  We're happy to report, much like the hummingbird who kept us entertained, this film did too! It was well made, had excellent pace, but isn't for a general audience. If programmed, we'll have to tap into the niche market it's intended for. 

While we look forward to the challenge, take a moment to the enjoy our new hummingbird friend.

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