Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Countdown to VFF10...T-Minus 83, er, 79 Days

Last week was extremely busy for The Valley Film Festival. So busy, in fact, that we started this post 5 days ago!

An Actual Submission!
Our call-for-entries closed on Monday, 8/16, so we've been crazy busy opening packages, making sure paperwork matched the film,  contacting filmmakers for applications that weren't included, and in one case, tracking down info on a film that came with no paperwork or information of any kind. 

Logging in submissions takes time and patience. Once we receive the film, we assign it a tracking number and make sure that we note it on both the film and paperwork. Sometimes we eff up. This week we wrote down one number on the application and another on the film. We spent hours looking for, what we thought was, a lost film. Next we add the filmmaker contact info. to our Master Submission list, which, in itself, can be a chore -- half the time it takes two or three people to decipher what an email address or name is. After that, we upload the contact info into our database and, finally, send filmmakers a submissions receipt. 

The Web Designer and Web Programmer for VFF also stopped by for a meeting. Now that we have our dates, venues, etc. all in order, there's a lot or work to be done updating the website.  As you can see, our main image and menu are a mess! Our priorities before we announce our program are: revising the festival dates (duh!) and adding our blog/social media to the menu. 

If there's a feature you'd like to see added, let us know! We love hearing from you & what it is that you want from us.

What else has kept us busy this week? Films! We're in overdrive right now...watching shorts and features every single day. Our short film screening groups met three times last week, and have already had a mega-marathon this week with more to come. We've seen some gems and we've seen some stinkers. (Filmmakers, please pay attention to your sound.) Overall, we're really impressed with the films coming in and are looking forward to programming shortly. 

Stay tuned. We hope to have our program announced by September 15th, otherwise known as T-Minus 57 Days.

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