Thursday, October 8, 2015

VFF15 - Meet our Female Filmmakers

Other than VFF's "Girls on Film" shorts program, The Valley Film Festival does not seek out, or exclude, films made by one gender over another. While we'd love nothing more than to say that 50%* of our programming is from women, it is not. That being said, we are extremely proud of the women** behind some of the VFF15 films and want to take this opportunity to recognize their diverse voices:

7 DAYS IN SYRIA (Documentary/75mins/2015/USA & Syria)
Janine di Giovanni (Producer)

In the most dangerous country in the world for journalists, Newsweek Middle East editor, Janine di Giovanni, risks it all to bear witness, ensuring that the world knows about the suffering of the Syrian people.

THE AFTER PARTY (Dramatic Comedy/8mins/2014/USA)
Sue Gillan (Director)

A solid, long-term marriage takes a turn for the tense when a wife finds her husband suddenly hiding his online activities. Navigating these uncharted waters, this couple employs the tools that have always served them best - straight talk and a sense of humor. At once deeply relatable and completely surprising, The After Party gives a whole new meaning to the words 'what would I ever do without you?'

ALL IN TIME (Drama/98mins/2014/USA)
Marina Donahue (Co-Director)

Charlie quits his job In New York to follow his dream of managing his favorite rock and roll band.

BONED (Comedy/85mins/2015/USA)
Laura Lee Bahr (Director)

A struggling actress must play the role of a detective in order to save an adorable Maltese puppy from a murderous group of Goth thugs, a Devilish Dominatrix, and a handsome, lying doctor.

THE CO-STAR (Comedy/14mins/2013/USA)
Jeanne Taylor (Producer)

A hilarious insight about auditioning for one-line parts in Hollywood.

A CRAIGSLIST EXORCISM (Comedy/14mins/2014/USA)
Sarah Taylor (Producer)

A short film about what happens when you hire an exorcist off Craigslist.

HANKY PANKY (Comedy/8mins/2014/USA)
Lindsey Haun (Director)

A blind date between an autistic napkin expert and a free-spirited Bohemian goes surprisingly well thanks to the efforts of two eccentric napkins.

THE FALLEN PHOENIX (Animation/6mins/2015/USA)
Gwen Barriac and Heather Larkin (Directors/Animators)

An established composer struggles to write a masterpiece that pleases both himself and his sponsor. Ultimately, he realizes he must choose between staying true to his art or pleasing those around him.

FRUITCAKE (Drama/13mins/2015/USA)
Sarah Baker Grillo (Co-Director)

Set in peaceful suburbia during the early 1950′s, Fruitcake tells the story of Rosemary and Sallie. Battling inner urges and mysterious longings, and pressured from every angle to live up to an imaginary ideal of perfection, these women might be swayed to take any course of action

IT'S A JOURNEY, NOT A DESTINATION (Documentary/11mins/2013/Serbia)
Jelena Zlatkovic Velickovic (Director)

Costume Designer, Jelena Zlatkovic Velickovic, provides an inside look celebrating her designs, from conception to the runway.

NUMBER 2: IF I WERE MARILYN (Comedy/15mins/2015/Spain)
SofĂ­a Pedroche (Producer)

Clari is going out tonight and she's on a mission: Her girlfriend is about to stand up a guy she met on the internet and Clari has every intention of hooking up with him. They'll spend the night together and he'll want to see her again, he could very well be the man of her dreams and the envy of her friends. Too good to be true and for Clari not to spoil it.

MY SARDASHT (Documentary/3mins/2014/Iran)
Ziba Arzhang (Director/Animator)

Through carpet weaving, Kajal shares the story of losing her family during the chemical bombings on Iran.

OUR FATHER (Drama/22mins/2014/USA)
Linda Palmer (Director)

An estranged father suffering from late stage dementia, in a fleeting moment, reveals to his son secrets that begin to heal a broken family. Featuring Michael Gross (Family Ties) and Michael Worth (God's Ears).

PIG (Animation/2mins/2014/USA)
Amelia Giller (Director/Animator)

A naked pig-woman goes on an outing in order to feel better about herself.

PRETTY GOOD DAY (TV Pilot/Comedy/13mins/2015/USA)
Beth Einhorn (Director)

Classically trained violinist Chris Woods moves to Hollywood to pursue his true passion - Stand Up Comedy. Along the way, Chris struggles with the question of fame and what you have to give up to make it in Hollywood.

SHELTER FROM THE STORM (Drama/11mins/2014/USA)
Pamela St. Jean (Producer)

In the early 90's--when music was shared hand-to-hand--Jerry shows up at Liz's doorstep after disappearing with her prized collection of Bob Dylan bootlegs.

TEXTING: A LOVE STORY (Comedy/8mins/2014/USA)
Jeannette L. Buck (Director)

A short, awkward romantic comedy about love, intimacy, and connection in the digital age.

WINGS (Animation/5mins/2014/Israel)
Keren Rijensky (Director/Animator)

A young girl is sexual assaulted in her room. The attacker is represented as typography, while the girl tries to escape using her imagination.

*40% isn't something to brag about, but we're still proud!  
**If we missed a key player, please let us know. We'll happily add her name to the list. 

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