Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quality vs. Quantity

We're not going to lie. The VFF/Tribe Hollywood mixer last week had a small turnout. Our joint mixers usually attract between 40-100+ filmmakers, fans, and industry folk. This last week, we had 20 join us for Ms. Pac Man & merriment.

VFF & TH admins quickly realized that the attendees were just the people we wanted to meet: long- standing members of Tribe Hollywood attending their very first event, VFF alumni from previous years, and even filmmakers from out of state!

A mission that VFF & T
H share is to foster a creative community. Last week's mixer proved that we're doing something right. We're reaching beyond the monthly newsletters, random blog postings, daily tweets, and Facebook postings, to move people from their cocooned online worlds to the mean streets of Hollywood. (And, The Valley!)

And, P.S., Tracey DOES rock Ms. Pac Man. Consider yourself warned.

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