Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gone But Not Forgotten: Gen Art (1994-2010)

At 1:30pm this afternoon, we received "An Important Announcement from Gen Art" and are still in a state of shock that our friends, our inspiration, and our aspiration, Gen Art, has closed its doors after 16 amazing years.

We were first introduced to this organization in 1995 at an art exhibit hosted by Gen Art. We learned of their film festival, then in its infancy, and quickly got involved. It is through our involvement with the Gen Art Film Festival that The Valley Film Festival was born.

Truly a unique company, Gen Art crossed many platforms (visual art, independent film, fashion, etc.) and served many cities. And whether you attended a screening in L.A., a fashion show in NYC, or a house party in Park City, you were greeted as a member of their family. Of course, this is after you got past the person guarding the guest list.

Gen Art staff & volunteers have always made themselves available to assist The Valley Film Festival with answers and helping hands. For that we will be forever grateful. We also sincerely believe that staff & volunteers will continue to make themselves available because that's just the kind of people they are!

Since we wrote about fostering a creative community just yesterday, we wanted to be sure to pay our respects to the organization that, in our opinion, started it all.

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