Monday, July 13, 2015

Countdown to VFF15...T-Minus 100 Days

100 days out. This is when we start to get nervous.  Even though our venue is locked down and our call-for-entries is coming to an end, once we hit the "T-Minus 100 Days" mark,  we feel just a wee more pressure to speed things up. 

Our main priority right now is to make sure every film is viewed & reviewed, from start to finish, by August 31. This year, 95% of our submissions are online. Thanks to portals such as and, VFF is now able to include our foreign alumni filmmakers (and fans) in the reviewing process; we currently have approximately 30 volunteers watching submissions from all over the world. 

Usually around this time, we've picked up on submission trends. One year it was female westerns, another year it was 3D films or "Hollywood," but this year we've seen several films set just before, during, and after the Serbia/Kosovo war. While the reality of war is beyond brutal, it warms our heart to know that those affected by this conflict have found their voice via film. 

Next on the agenda is filling in the festival gaps with panel discussions and networking gatherings. If you have ideas, or wish to be involved, please let us know. 

Once we hit "T-Minus 75 Days" we'll sneak in another production update. Until then, connect with us on Facebook or Twitter for everyday interaction. 

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