Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Countdown to VFF12: 30 Days Out

With about a month to go for VFF12, we’re working hard to make it the best for everyone.  Here’s where we are on many of our agenda items.  If you’re interested in maybe helping out with some labor or ideas, or would like to know more about something we’re doing, feel free to contact us anytime:

Screening venue – We have the Laemmle NoHo 7 (5240 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood), with screenings beginning Wednesday evening (11/7) and ending Sunday evening (11/11).

Website – Maybe you’ve noticed we’ve been overhauling our site design and building great ads.  Our friend Blake McWhirter has been doing this, and will be designing the poster and program handout as well.

Film program / slate – Up and running on the website.

Online tickets – In the works; should be soon. 

First night’s party – This party for our filmmakers, sponsors, and invited guests usually would be the night before the fest starts; however, Tuesday (11/6) is election night.  So we’ll probably schedule for Monday (11/5, save the date). 

Seminars – We’re brainstorming panel ideas (suggestions are welcome) and continue to look for space in NoHo for 30-40.  

Mid-week festival events – We’re working on securing a venue for a small happy hour prior to the "Girls on Film" short film program (Friday, 11/9, 5-6pm), and looking into another venue for Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday.

Closing night party – We’re looking for space within walking distance of the Laemmle.  It should be able to hold at least 100-150 people and upwards of 200+.  The party will be on Sunday, 11/11, from 7pm-10pm.  As soon as the final screening is over, the party can start; this is where we'll announce festival winners.  Our ideal situation is a private space we can take over (lobby of a business, gallery, etc.) so we can bring in our sponsored wine/beer.  However, we're also open to using a neighborhood bar/restaurant that can section off part of its space for us, and provide drink specials, appetizers, etc. for our guests.

AFM participants – We’re working on inviting distributors who will still be in town on Monday, 11/5, over to the filmmaker party.

Press release – In the works; just waiting to get some more details on these other parts of the festival.

Beverage sponsors – We’re looking to add more sponsors, especially for clear liquids (champagne, white wine, sparkling water, clear soda).  Leads are appreciated.

Festival volunteers – We have a schedule and are signing people up.  Let us know if you’re interested. 

Filmmaker interviews (video) – This is a new project for us, in the works.

Gift bags and items – We’re looking for 100 gift bags (the physical bag) for filmmakers and volunteers.  If you know of a company with reusable branded bags we could use, let us know.  We’ll be developing an item list, and then seeking donors / sponsors to fill it.

Wow, who knew putting on a festival could be so much work!  But we’re totally happy to do it.


Edited by James Latham

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