Monday, April 23, 2012

The Professional Filmmaking Alliance

We at the VFF appreciate the contributions of our sponsors and other supporters, including Video Symphony.  One of our contacts there, Placement Director Brad Bucklin, would like our community to know about his project to help young creative talent in film and media.  Check it out:

Established by Kristian Gabriel and Brad M. Bucklin, Professional Filmmaking Alliance is a unique group of dedicated film and television production and post production professionals.

As educators and professionals, our mission is to hire and mentor talented, creative people in a variety of disciplines; people who may not otherwise have the opportunity to establish themselves yet have the same passion we do for being part of something greater than ourselves.

Personal financial investment has gone towards creating the means to nurture this emerging talent, including establishing offices in the heart of Burbank, California and building an intimate studio where we can produce features films, commercials, promos, web content, hold classes and more.  We are dedicated to supporting creativity and awakening social awareness in entertaining and meaningful ways.

Already completed, our projects include the Award winning short Mrs. Christmas, which was shown at last year’s Valley Film Festival.  Our nominated short Awake in the Darkness and the soon to be released An Ordinary Love Story are the tip of our creative ice berg.  Already in production are two documentaries, a feature film and innovative, unusual short films that will make use of new technology while telling unique stories.

We are in the middle of a fund-raising campaign to secure financing to complete our offices / studio, promote our educational agenda and utilize emerging talent.  We firmly believe that high quality media does not have to be expensive to produce and that is why we can do all this for such little money.

The VFF is accepting submissions for this year’s edition until mid-July.  From April 1st to May 15th, the submissions fee is $50 per film (short or feature).  For more on submissions and the VFF generally, visit our website or Facebook page. 

Also, if you’re involved with independent film and interested in possibly being interviewed, or otherwise contributing to our blog (like Brad did), contact us anytime at

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