Monday, January 24, 2011

Sundance 2011 ~ Sundance Sunday Socials (Day 4)

Ideally, we'd like to see more films while at Sundance, but the parties provide such a great opportunity to network with peers that they are our first priority. That being said, my crew & I weathered the storm of parties yesterday and came out unscathed (i.e., no hangover) but we're definitely feeling the altitude after a whirlwind of party hopping yesterday:

@Noon ~ WIF Panel & Breakfast
The Women In Film 2011 panel was titled Fearlessness: Trusting Your Instincts and Getting Them on Screen.  Panelists included Sandra Valde-Hansen, Susan Saladoff, Joslyn Barnes, Karin Chien, Annie Roney, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, and WIF President, Cathy Schulman. 

This is always one of my favorite parties for many reasons. For one, it celebrates the indie filmmaker in the (818) much like we do, but more importantly the Production Serviced department puts their money where their mouth is and raffles off production grants. This year, NBC Universal raffled off $45K in $5K & $10K grants and VFF friend Kate Logan won! We're very excited for her and wish her luck as she finishes her documentary.

@4:30pm - IndieGoGo Panel & Party
We missed the panel (actually, we were in the next room because there were no seats available) but dig IndieGoGo for crowdfunding projects. Unlike other crowdfunding companies, IndieGoGo lets you keep the money you raised even if you don't meet your ultimate goal. VFF will definitely be using them this year!

Casual and comfortable with pizza, beer, and lots of conversation. Now, if only I can find the business cards collected...

@6pm - Sony
Sony celebrated its new, Super 35mm, F3 camera at Sundance. Over sumptuous hors d'oeuvres and strong cocktails, two F3 cameras made their rounds for all to touch and ooh and awe over.  

@8:30pm - FotoKem (Indie Moguls Party)
Year after year, this is another favorite destination of ours...massage therapists, oxygen bars, and awesome guacamole. The Snow Park Lodge in Deer Valley provides a large and comfortable environment to network and discuss ideas.

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