Saturday, December 18, 2010

What's The Valley Film Festival Doing?

The VFF10 screenings may have ended on Sunday, November 14, but we've been busy with VFF10 paperwork, attending trade shows, making appearances at alumni screenings, speaking on panels, making a game plan for our blog, coordinating our Sundance attendance and, most importantly, planning our volunteer appreciation brunch. Oh, yeah, did we forget to mention that we all have day jobs too? 

In case you were wondering what we do between festivals, here's a brief recap of the last five weeks. We're really not this boring (on second thought...) and we'll be getting busier once we ring in 2011.

November 15-21, 2010
  • Returned rented equipment, borrowed supplies, and films.
  • Gracefully bowed out of our Monthly Hang with Dances With Films. (We'll resume in January 2011.)
  • Updated website, Facebook, IMDB and Fest21. (Doh! Still need to do MySpace.)
  • Mailed out Thank You notes to our filmmakers and sponsors. Sent emails to our volunteers.

November 22-28, 2010
  • Submitted VFF10 invoices to Community Partners.
  • Secured Sundance Film Festival housing. 
  • Brainstormed our blog and social media plan-of-attack. (James will continue to interview filmmakers, Tracey will continue the day-to-day posts and add some Valley history to the blog. VFF Volunteers (Staff) will continue to contribute to the general musings, Matt Valentinas will be talking Entertainment Law, and we'll be adding more Guest Bloggers!)

November 29-December 5, 2010

December 6-11, 2010
  • Started working on a Volunteer Appreciation brunch with our fabulous coordinator, Hilary. 
  • Sifted through Sundance Industry Office emails to see what we missed while working on VFF.
  • Started our research on no-fee entry film festivals for a January article. (Know of one? Share the knowledge.)

December 12-19, 2010
  • Finalized Sundance Film Festival 2011 plans.
  • Submitted our Periodical Report to Community Partners.
  • Reached out to two guest bloggers. We're excited to be working with Deaf Women in Film and Valley Relics
  • Cooking and baking up a storm for the VFF10 Volunteer Appreciation brunch. We'll post pictures and a recap tomorrow!

What's on the horizon for VFF? We need to update our submission information, call-for-entry terms, 2011 application and start getting the word out about VFF11.  If you want to get involved, let us know!

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Anonymous said...

It's okay that you haven't updated your MySpace. No one uses it anymore. Their recent update was a desperate cry for attention. ;-)

Glad to be a part of VFF10 and looking forward to helping take VFF11 to the next level!